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Learn Kubernetes by Building 10 Projects  cover

Learn Kubernetes by Building 10 Projects (2020)

Kubernetes is "the modern data center operating system". It's a must-learn.

If you find any difficulties learning it, or if you feel not ready for Kubernetes in production, this ebook will guide you step by step toward your goals.

From the most basic concept to the most advanced, using a practical learning path and based on deploying real applications, this ebook will boost your Kubernetes practice.

If you are looking for theory, this is not the ebook you should consider.

However, if you are looking for a ebook where you start deploying real applications in chapter I while understanding Kubernetes concepts by getting your hands dirty; this guide is for you.

After reading "Learn Kubernetes by Building 10 Projects", you will be able to use Kubernetes in production and other environments.

  • Creating a Kubernetes-ready microservice
  • Deploying a stateless API to Kubernetes
  • Deploying a (stateful) database to Kubernetes
  • Using minikube and Kubectl
  • Automating Kubernetes deployment in testing/staging environments using Terraform
  • Hacking your Configuration Automation of Kubernetes deployments using Ansible
  • Using Helm with Kubernetes
  • Deploying an application and exposing it using Ambassador as an API Gateway
  • Deploying an application with Istio in Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Observability & Metrics Using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Bonus: A crowdsourced guide to best practices and useful, practical tips to clear the Kubernetes Administrator Certification
You will be using a variety of technologies from the Kubernetes ecosystem like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Docker, Python, Ansible, Terraform, Ambassador, Istio, Helm and many other technologies..

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Painless Docker cover

Painless Docker - 2nd edition (2020)

This ebook is the 2nd edition of Painless Docker. The first edition was a great success. It was featured many times in Leanpub and other websites as a best seller.

The second edition is even better. Order now and save 80% +.

Painless Docker is a practical guide to mastering Docker and its ecosystem based on real-world examples.

It tends to be a complete and detailed guide to: create, deploy, optimize, secure, trace, debug, log, orchestrate & monitor Docker and Docker clusters.

Through this course, you will learn how to use Docker in the development and production environments and the DevOps pipeline between them. You will learn how to build modern containerized microservices applications.

You will be guided step by step from the simple basic concepts to the advanced powerful features.

Don't miss out this opportunity!

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Practical AWS cover

Practical AWS - 2nd edition (2020)

If you buy Practical AWS now, not only you will save 80%, but you will get the 2nd + all the future updates.

Thousands of learners and AWS enthusiasts, like you, enrolled the first edition.

You need a practical guide inspired by real use cases and examples. Real-world examples as teaching strategy makes learning more meaningful.

Practical AWS is a complete and detailed training to master common AWS services. It's designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

You will be guided step by step from the simple basic concepts to the powerful advanced features in order to master the AWS essentials ecosystem from development to production using a variety of technologies & services

Using the Practical AWS course, you will learn how to use some twenty AWS services in development and production environments.

You will be able to put a plan for an effective development and deployment strategy to get the best results for your AWS environment.

You will be able to build self-healing & highly available cloud infrastructure and services.

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Saltstack for DevOps cover

SaltStack For DevOps - 2nd edition (2020)

This ebook is what you need to learn Satlstack.

By following practical examples, using real cloud infrastructures and real applications prototypes, taken from real-world use cases, you will master not only the fundamentals of Salt but also many advanced uses.

If you buy SaltStack For DevOps, you will save 80%.

I tried SaltStack the first time when I saw my team taking more than three days each two weeks just to configure some platforms before each deployment! When I started using Salt, the same tasks took less than 1/2 hour..

After reading SaltStack For DevOps, you will learn how to set up configuration management and Data Center automation strategy.

With the help of practical examples, you will be able to configure and troubleshoot SaltStack.

You will learn SaltStack concepts like master, minion, syndic, key management, runners, configurations, states, top file, event-based execution, cloud orchestration, formulas..etc

We will be using Salt to configure applications deployments, deploy new app releases, configure and orchestrate your data center, and many other scenarios

You will also learn about the best practices to use Salt.

We will offer you the "Practical Salt Cheat Sheet" to guide you.

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About the author

Aymen is a Cloud & Software Architect, Tech Entrepreneur, Author, founder of eralabs and FAUN. He leads several community projects around DevOps, followed by more than +25.000 developers and DevOps enthusiasts worldwide. According to TechBeacon, Aymen is one of the top 100 DevOps professional to follow.

Aymen has more than 10 years of experience in system and software engineering and, DevOps/Cloud/DistributedSystems.

He is leading eralabs, one of the top 10 DevOps companies in Europe according to CIO Applications, and providing DevOps consultancy and training services to companies, some of them are in the top 10 world class companies.

As seen on

Aymen El Amri online

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Content wise this is the best book I had come across.

I've been using docker ecosystem for 1 year or so.

I had tried to refer to various documentations available and purchased courses on Udemy, Linux Foundation as well but none of them is as comprehensive ,hands-on, practical use-case driven which this book covers.

I will surely refer this to professionals working in area of SDN,NFV and using docker on a daily basis.


I like the video tutorials, much practical, I recommend it to avid self-learners!


Simple, no BS, and yet effective. Highly recommended. Look forward to your new course.


Painless Docker is great. It's an industry standard. I learned Docker from there. Though I watched so many videos about Docker but I get to know how in DevOps it's being used in terms of debugging, monitoring, security from Painless Docker. Thanks for this.

Raj Burnwal, Software/DevOps Engineer at Ingram Micro Cloud


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Painless Docker - 2nd Edition (2020)

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Practical AWS - 2nd Edition (2020)

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SaltStack For DevOps - 2nd Edition (2020)

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Learn Kubernetes by Building 10 Projects (2020)

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Docker and Kubernetes: containerization and orchestration

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